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Gafisa, 67 years operating in the market, is one of Brazil’s most respected builders and developers. The company is present in 40 cities and 19 states throughout the country, collecting banners that stand us as one of Brazil’s largest real estate companies. Over its history, Gafisa already delivered more than 1,200 projects, which together, would make up a city with 1.5 million inhabitants, and built 16 million square meters, corresponding to approximately 15% of San Francisco, in the United States. This also means that one in each 130 Brazilians lives in a Gafisa’s project. Recognized by its innovation and the strength of its iconic triangle, Gafisa develops projects that reflect its commitment to the convenience, well-being, and safety of its customers. The company lives a new momentum, focused on identifying promising merger & acquisition opportunities, acquisition of properties, and business diversification, engaged to become a fully-fledged platform of products, services, and real estate solutions. Efforts target ensuring its business growth, creating value for its shareholders, and transforming products into experiences and expectations into customer satisfaction, through its subsidiaries: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro regional offices, Gafisa Properties, Viver Bem, and Capital.

Gafisa’s Goal

Create memories

We create opportunities, projects, services, we go beyond. We deliver living spaces and services that create meetings.

Make history

Where people’s histories are built embraced with constructions and histories of the cities. Gafisa means an iconic brand that makes history.

Gafisa’s values

  • Respect

Respect our commitments, always acting ethically.

  • Gafisa leadership

Leadership with teamwork, engagement, an intense and fulfilling systemic vision.

  • Communication

Assertive communication, with empathy, dynamism, and transparency.

  • Innovation & Renovation

Identify trends to develop innovative products, services, and solutions that simplify and transform people’s lives.

  • Customer needs

Deliver fully-fledged real estate solutions meeting all customers’ needs, focusing on what they want, their needs.

  • Customer experience

Thrill and surprise people in their relations with Gafisa, caring for them and taking part in the greatest moments of their lives.

Team of Excellence
  • Agile management

Ownership attitude coupled with the adhesion to the management methodology for results, so that Gafisa keeps its focus, it manages and controls results, always making decisions at the appropriate timing. Efficient processes enabling the agility required in actions to achieve results.

  • Quality

Restless pursuit of value creation through quality in processes, management, projects, services, and real estate solutions – unquestionable quality as an assumption.

  • Gafisa team

Attract, retain, train, develop, reward, and recognize people who together make up the best team that delivers results in line with Gafisa’s culture. Thus, each employee’s respect and safety are not negotiable.

  • Sustainable Profit

Ensure sustainable profit as one of the business pillars, feeding back the bases of Gafisa’s culture (virtuous cycle)

Gafisa in numbers

And the numbers won’t stop growing:

Gafisa has currently 19 Projects in development to make dreams become reality.

All this comes together to our new moment and the solid future of Gafisa.

The sum of psm built by Gafisa corresponds to aproximately 15% of the entire area of São Francisco City, in the United States.

The amount of people living in a Gafisa would fill up 25 football stadiums and the entire Paulista Avenue.

The population of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul state, is equivalent to the amount of people living in a Gafisa.

We changed the way of living and investing in Brasil with innovative ideas and a broad experience in delivering projects – residential, commercial and hotels.