Source: Enfoque

Business Model

  • Gafisa Incorporadora e Construtora (Developer & Builder): headed by CEO Guilherme Benevides, this business unit is liable for the Company’s core business, operating in the origination of real estate businesses, besides development and construction of projects.
  • Gafisa Viver Bem: headed by CEO Fábio Romano, this is a fully-fledged platform of real estate products and services, assisting in the entire journey of Gafisa’s customers. The company aims at becoming the unicorn of the real estate market.
  • Gafisa Propriedades (Properties): headed by CEO Guilherme Pesenti, this business unit is liable for acquisition, development, management of business properties, such as shopping malls, office floors, and hotels. This company kicks off with more than 105,000 m² ABL (gross leasable area) with a solid upside income and turnaround.
  • Gafisa Capital: headed by CEO Ian Andrade, it operates in the optimization of the Company’s capital structure for the asset-light model, operating in the origination, structuring, and activity in the FII’s (real estate investment fund) market, offering a diversified platform of products.
  • Gafisa Rio de Janeiro: headed by CEO Amos Maidantchik , it also operates in the origination of real estate businesses, development, and construction of projects, complementing Gafisa’s performance strategy in Brazil’s two major economies, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.